Locomotive Love


My Grandpa Clarence retired from Burlington Northern Railroad. I contribute my feeling of nostagla and my aesthetic love for trains, and all things associated with the railroad because it reminds me of a time when life was simpler, Americans were hard working, infrastructure was growing because so were American dreams. Americana. The train symbolizes so many things. It seems foolish to even attempt to list them. For me, one of my favorite things is though, is that it symbolizes the journey

my town Minnesota

Photo Art

Clara City, 56222 

 I found myself stuck in this town, I refused to believe I lived here. This would be a pit-stop. I quickly began the job search to go back to the Big City. My town grew on me very slowly like that pesky stray cat that keeps showing up everyday forEVER until you break down and just feed it. Feeding it is embracing it and just as you embrace that cat, I embraced my town. After 12 years, this is now my town.